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Re: who are we anyway?

As listowner I'm going to weigh in now.

As lists go, this one is pretty darn tame. We have had some petty "flames"
but they've never lasted long. My expecations are that we are all adults.
We don't all have to agree with what anyone else says. I certainly don't.
I have received offline comments from readers occasionally about the odd
subscriber who they felt was offensive. I have also "talked" to some
"offenders", offline. I'm not going to squelch dissent or good debate.
That's what discussions are all about. There have been things posted that
make me cringe, either professionally or from a craft (my background is
rare book conservation / fine binding) aspect. Sometimes I bite my tounge,
sometimes not. With things such as "archival" (whatever that means) there
are right and wrong. Ditto for sound structure and neatness.

In general I find that most subscribers are hear to learn from each other,
to listen and to offer their ideas. They do this in a civil manner by and
large, too. Criticism is a part of that. Words on -screen can look harsh,
EVEN WHEN NOT IN CAPS. We just need to be tolerant, develop a thicker skin
at times, or just use the delete key. We can also try to come up with well
thought out, reasonable, sound counter arguments. We don't all have to
agree, but all view-points deserve to be heard. If something personal is
bothering you, contact the "offender" offline and settle it there. If it
continues to be a problem, especially "online," let me know, copy me the
offending messages (I want evidence) and I'll try to mediate.

Finally, as listowner, it's not my job to babysit, if I may use that term.
I can also say I honestly haven't really felt that I need to. I am,
however, not afraid to step in and remind, chastize, remove, block,
screen... if there is a really compelling reason to do so.  I
encourage free speech and subscriber participation and input, but a list
isn't anarchy or a democracy. Fortunately I've had very very little reason
to take this kind of action.

Problems, you know how to reach me, offline.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

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