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Hi all,

My name is Jayme and I am brand new to this list, to writing, and to
self publishing. I wrote a book several years ago and went the
conventional publishing route. No luck. After a year of rejections,
the manuscript was put on a shelf and I went onto other things.

Now I have a top-of-the-line HP color printer/scanner/copier and it is
the most powerful piece of hardware I've ever owned. I also have some
excellent software programs for layout and typsetting.

I am not interested in profiting from the book -- I just want to be
able to make my own soft cover editions. I am a graphics designer as
well, so the cover art will be my own.

I plan to buy a binding machine, but before I do, I have to admit I
know *nothing* about them. Before I even begin to shop for one of
those, I want to print the book on my printer. I can do this, but I
have no idea what kind of paper to buy. I want the size to be 5.5 x
8.5 -- is that also called A-4? What texture is recommended? How do I
roughen the edges for gluing?

I know from reading the posts here that these are very basic questions
and my ignorance is showing like a naked barbie. I hope you will
indulge me!

Thanks for listening,


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