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Re: List behaviour

An incident occurred several years ago when a colleague commited what I
considered an egregious act.  I blasted off an instant response to him
that was quite intemperant.  A couple of minutes later he called and said:
"Starr, you want hostile, you'll get hostile!"

The lesson learned from that is that I now ask myself the following
questions every time I go to send a message: "If I got this email fron
someone else, would it make me angry?  If it would, do I want to send the
message anyway?"

Email is easy to reply to and often leads us to take a path better not
walked.  In fact, the path is even more easily chosen because of the
relatively impersonal nature of this means of communication.  Please watch
your step; tread lightly.  But, don't stop walking--new paths mean new
experiences and new knowledge.  Walk not alone.


(Yes, I'm slipping -- no puns.  But, those of you who know me are aware
that, on occasion, I am capable of being serious.)

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Austin Jones wrote:

> The only dumb question is the question not asked.

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