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Re: Newbie

Hi Jane,

The printer/scanner/copier is an All-in-One from Hewlett Packard. I
was afraid that it might be less quality than separate units, but I
was shocked at the quality of this All-in-One! Plus it only uses one
parallel port. It's called an OfficeJet Pro 1170, and I bought it for
$800 from the Hewlett Packard website. It came via mail within three
days and it was hooked up and in use within 30 minutes. The scans are
fast and always turn out perfectly. I do not work for HP so please
don't think I'm trying to sell you on this, but I have no regrets

The other thing I like about it is its 2-sided printing feature. Also
the printer cartridges last a long time. I have made three large,
portfolios of my artwork -- probably about fifteen 8X10 heavy graphic
photographs, and it has hardly used any of the ink.

Thanks for your kind welcome to the list. I am always scared of my
first posting on any list!


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-----Original Message-----
From: Jane Conneen <JConneen@AOL.COM>
Date: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 1:42 PM
Subject: Re: Newbie

>You mention your "HP color printer/scanner/copier" and I wondered if
this was
>a single unit or three different entities?
>Since I am about to buy a new MAC G3 and need a good color printer
(the one I
>have now is miserable) and probably a new scanner too, I would be
>interested to know what kind you have, how you like it, etc. I am
>eventually to be able to print books on my computer too.
>You may be new to the list (welcome! It is a wonderful list) but you
>certainly sound well on your way to book publishing. Very sorry that
I don't
>have expertise in any of the questions that you asked.
>Best wishes,
>Jane Conneen

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