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Now I'm worried!

I always thought this list was made up of great, great people. I am now (in a
very small way) binding and selling photo albums and making some lampshades
too. It would never have happened without help from this list - especially
from Betty, Sam (sorry, I almost called you slanham!), and Brian in Canada.
People have responded to my posts online and offline in great detail. People
have taken the trouble to photocopy instructions and mail them to me. Amazing!

One reason I have benefitted so much is that I have posted my queries without
fear of being considered an ignoramus. So all this talk about flames and
nasty people has me really worried. But I am going to post one bit of
frivolity anyway, because I think everybody here needs to lighten up:

I got a kick out of the fact that the list birthday happens to be my birthday
too! Happy Birthday to a great list!

Now flame away, people!
And thanks, Peter,


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