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paper cutters/board cutters

Hello folks,
I am new to hand bookmaking (am learning by book, not instruction), and
am addicted.  I went through the archives of the list about cutters for
board and paper, but didn't get the info I needed.  Can I find a
relatively inexpensive cutter (rotary or cutting arm) to use on board
without ruining it for use on paper?  What brands do folks prefer (from
what I've seen Kuttrimmers are out of my league financially)?  Are the
"economy" models not worth it in the long run?  What length cutter do
you recommend for making books with maximum dimensions 16"x16"?  Also, I
have significant wrist problems, so need to use whatever will be the
easiest on them.  Used or new, either is fine.
Also, same questions about presses.

Suzanne Scoble
Denver, CO

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