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Re: Now I'm worried!

Suhag, what a great posting!  Happy Birthday to you and congrats Peter!
what inspiration...

too many causes...too few rebels...

Suhag Shirodkar wrote:

> I always thought this list was made up of great, great people. I am
> now (in a
> very small way) binding and selling photo albums and making some
> lampshades
> too. It would never have happened without help from this list -
> especially
> from Betty, Sam (sorry, I almost called you slanham!), and Brian in
> Canada.
> People have responded to my posts online and offline in great detail.
> People
> have taken the trouble to photocopy instructions and mail them to me.
> Amazing!
> One reason I have benefitted so much is that I have posted my queries
> without
> fear of being considered an ignoramus. So all this talk about flames
> and
> nasty people has me really worried. But I am going to post one bit of
> frivolity anyway, because I think everybody here needs to lighten up:
> I got a kick out of the fact that the list birthday happens to be my
> birthday
> too! Happy Birthday to a great list!
> Now flame away, people!
> And thanks, Peter,
> Suhag

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