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Re: Binding Photos

I, for one, am sewing "store bought" pages together into a text block for
case binding.  Some clients only wanted to spring for "off the shelf" camera
store pages, others wanted archival pages.  But they all wanted to be able
to slip the pictures in and out.  Granted, it's more attractive to have
beautiful Fabriano paper and mounting corners for the photos, but that's not
everyone's idea of their kind of photo album, not to mention the price.  The
cases vary as well from full leather to simple cloth bound.  It helps if you
already have the photos and you can see what's needed for spacers between
the pages (where it's sewn).
There are a myriad of ways to create a photo album, post binding, Japanese,
etc., but in my studio, the style is usually dictated by the customer's budget.
Capella Book Arts
>Hi List,
>        I've seen several people mention binding photos, How are people doing
>this? Are you binding the actual Photo RC paper, or Fiber paper for B&W, or
>perhaps dry mounting to a carrier sheet? Is anyone doing anything with two
>sided pages?
>                                Thanks, Jeff Jones

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