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        Your friend is asking for big trouble if he intends to adhere parchment to
metal.  I'm sure it can be done, but it's highly unlikely to last.  If he's
concerned about the metal's expansion and contraction he's got that problem
times twenty with the parchment.  Being one of the most hygroscopic
materials known and exceptionally strong it can warp thin sheets of metal
         Traditional adhesives with parchment are gelatine and wheat starch paste,
but over time even they give out and they certainly wouldn't hold to metal.
PVA might have a chance - its flexiblity might be able to withstand the give
and take between the two materials.  However, my strongest recommend to your
friend is to avoid adhesives and go for a mechanical attachment, ie. lacing,
rivets, etc.  There is a natural amount of 'play' involved, esp. with
lacing, and they can lend a very appealing decorative affect.
        Hope this helps,  Sally Key

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