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Re: question from a lurker

A bibliopegist is a maker of books.  Most often I
am referred to as a bookbinder.

Jane Brown

--On ThuTu, Jun42422199997 10:38 AM -0700 Susan Fatemi
<susanf@peer.berkeley.edu> wrote:

> Dear List --
> First of all, Happy Birthday. I always start my day by reading the
> digest, knowing that nothing else is going to be as pleasant!
> Now my question is, what do you call people who make
> books?
>  I've mentioned the list to people who know
> nothing about the book arts, and I want to say
> "book makers" because there's way more to this than
> just binding. But I don't want to convey "bookies",
> or commercial binders, or those people who will rebind
> individual books, but not very nicely.
> Does "book artist" convey the right meaning??
> Or does it sound too airy-fairy?
> Waiting to hear,
> Susan Fatemi
> susanf@peer.berkeley.edu

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