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Re: Printers, etc. (was Newbie)

There are some very well made new machines out there. The Hewlett-Packard
4000 and particularly the HP 8100 are built like battleships. However, they
cost considerably more than $600. Don't expect too much from a machine made
and priced for home use.

At 12:28 PM 6/24/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>A guy who came yesterday to repair my 10 year-old Canon copier had this to
>say about new printers, all-in-one machines:
>My Canon has never needed a service call until now.  It is big (70 lbs)
>but capably handles all of the junk I put through it to print on.  This
>inclues silver mylar film, Japanese "rain paper" and very thick handmade
>paper.  I also use a 10 year old HP Laser Jet III as my main printer.  It
>has never need a service call.  Suffice it to say, these machines (plus an
>old thermal fax, a scanner, and an Epson color ink jet) take up a lot of
>space.  I said that I had thought about getting an all in one machine like
>the Xerox discussed on this list last week.
>His comment was that the machines are much more cheaply made today and do
>not have the durability of old machines.  While, as a repairman, he has a
>vested interest in rescuing the aged, I think that there is something to
>be said for his comment.  We have two Laser Jet III machines in our office
>and they crank out hundreds of pages a week and rarely need service.  Our
>newer HP 4 and 5 machines are much more likely to malfunction.
>TO MY POINT (after the long introduction):  The HP machines were described
>as "crap".  I suggest that, mechanically, almost all of the printers out
>there today are not well made.  I think that the critical elements in
>printer choice include:
>        1) Image quality
>        2) Per image cost
>        3) Ink stability
>        4) Variety of media that can be printed on.
>The way in which these balance out must be individually determined.  For
>example, you can refill HP ink cartridges but cannot do so for the Epson
>making your per print cost higher on the Epson.
>The archived discussion on these issues is very helpful.  I just think
>that we all need to realize that there is no single, correct answer to the
>question of "what output device?"
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