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Re: Printers, etc. (and a new book)

In a message dated 6/24/99 9:31:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time, rstarr@UMBC.EDU

<< The HP machines were described
 as "crap".  I suggest that, mechanically, almost all of the printers out
 there today are not well made. >>

Like you say, it all depends.  I go the exact other direction, the old
machines were always crap and I thank HP nearly every day for their wonderful
new HP4000.  True 1200 dpi printing is nearly as sharp as typeset. Picture
quality is outstanding, and with duplex and correlation at the machine it
makes the old HP printers seem like toys.   Of course, if you needed such
things like duplex printing and the ability to correlate 300 page books you
wouldn't be real happy with your old printers.

In terms of cost, I am just completing the first run of 100 of my latest book
on the HP4000.  It is 304 pages and it takes 30 minutes to print out each
complete, correlated book.  From each toner cartridge the HP4000 has printed
18+ complete books or nearly 5500 pages. After being burned by every
cartridge remanufacturer, I only use original HP toner cartridges.  However,
at ONSALE the C4127X cartridge is only $102 with free shipping.  This works
out to 1.8 cents per image, which is pretty good.

Of course in this day of age, no book is complete without its own web site
and my latest is no different.  <a
href="http://members.aol.com/fletcheror/home.htm">click to visit St. Louis &
Benjamin Air Rifle Co,'s web site

dt fletcher

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