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Re: Printers, etc. (and a new book)

Howecer Larry, the only way you get your own choice of paper
at a copy center is to pay the extra for it over and above
the copy centers price of paper and copying. I have inquired
and that is what I was told. SO printing my own with my own
equipment still seems attractive.

Saves gas too.


Mary H

Larry Nebel wrote:
> > In terms of cost, I am just completing the first run of 100 of my latest book
> > on the HP4000.  It is 304 pages and it takes 30 minutes to print out each
> > complete, correlated book.  From each toner cartridge the HP4000 has printed
> > 18+ complete books or nearly 5500 pages. After being burned by every
> > cartridge remanufacturer, I only use original HP toner cartridges.  However,
> > at ONSALE the C4127X cartridge is only $102 with free shipping.  This works
> > out to 1.8 cents per image, which is pretty good.
> Interesting  --  1.8 cents for toner, about 1 cent for paper so each double
> sided page runs about 4.6 cents  --  plus the cost of purchasing the
> printer, maintenance on the printer and the time it takes to run (1/2 hour
> per book)  --  your local copy shop will probably run them for you for not
> much more actual cost (less once you take your time into account)
> Just a thought  --  from a copy shop owner of course
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