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Re: Printers, etc. (and a new book)

In a message dated 6/24/99 10:32:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
larryhn@ALCO.COM writes:

<< 1.8 cents for toner, about 1 cent for paper so each double
 sided page runs about 4.6 cents (snip) your local copy shop will probably
run them for you for not much more actual cost (less once you take your time
into account) -- >>

Paper is .5 cents (case price lof ong grain, acid free Hammermill Tidal DP
delivered to my door is $27), so a double side printed page runs about 4.1
cents each.  That is 2.05 cents per image page. No local copy shop, I have
ever heard of, comes close to that, especially the big plus of having
collated output. Ask your local copy shop how much they charge for that.
Copy shops, I have checked with, always charge the same price for doing the
second side of a page as they do the first. So, in effect they charge you
twice for the same piece of paper. So, even if a copy shop did great work, on
high quality paper (which they typically don't), at the best price around,
lets say 5 cents per page (most are more) then a double sided page,
uncollated, costs at least 10 cents each.   4 cents vs. 10 cents, 100 copies,
152 sheets per book, .06 x 100 x152 = $912   extra.   Makes back the cost of
the printer in only about 130 books.

Personal time factor is minimal, it  only takes about a minute or so per hour
to keep the printer fed and the output taken care of. In the mean time, I am
doing other items like writing this email
dt fletcher

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