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Re: question from a lurker

Susan (a former lurker) asked about what to call people who make books.

Gerard Brender a Brandis, who is fairly well known in Canada, started out
as a wood engraver. Obviously, he was a printer too. He then learned how to
make paper and started growing his own flax and processing it. Deciding to
make books he learned how to bind them. Eventually he started weaving his
own cloth to cover the boards. Finally (as if all this wasn't enough), he
markets them himself. He refers to himself as a bookwright.

If you are an artist who makes books then book artist is pretty accurate,
airy-fairy sounding or not ;-)


Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>

I'd rather be a failure at something I enjoy
than be a success at something I hate. (George Burns)

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