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Re: question from a lurker

Karen -

I think that makes you a Gideon.

Courtney Graham

KT Pardue wrote:

> At the beginning of my book arts career I took on many different kinds =
> of repair work-  theses, dog-eaten books, etc..  I referred to myself as =
> a bookbinder and tried over and over to explain to my family the many =
> "faces" of the bookbinder/conservator/artist.
>       My aunt was hosting a cocktail party  The guest list read like a =
> society column, and my siblings and I attended. As we stood around =
> mingling my aunt began her usual brag session to the listening guests,=20
>   "This is Sally, she is a professor at *****. This is Connie, she is a =
> colonel in the US Army. This is Bill, he is the owner of a Silicon =
> Valley company that went public last year. He holds two =
> patents................And this is Karen- she binds Bibles! Well, that =
> did it.........until someone comes up with a more glamorous name for =
> what we do, I'm not talkin'!!
> KT Pardue
> WhiteRiver Studio

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