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Re: paper cutters/board cutters

I find the rotary Fiskars table top paper cutter to be pretty indespensable.
You do have to use care when cutting more than a few sheets or matt board so
that the line doesn't bow out, and replace the cutting surface often. I use
a metal ruler and a razor knife for precise cuts. One great advantage is the
fact that it is easy to tote when I teach workshops - especially at
elementary schools where the paper cutters are notoriously bad.


-----Original Message-----
From: Matthew & Suzanne Scoble <mscoble@EARTHLINK.NET>
Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 10:09 AM
Subject: paper cutters/board cutters

>Hello folks,
>I am new to hand bookmaking (am learning by book, not instruction), and
>am addicted.  I went through the archives of the list about cutters for
>board and paper, but didn't get the info I needed.  Can I find a
>relatively inexpensive cutter (rotary or cutting arm) to use on board
>without ruining it for use on paper?  What brands do folks prefer (from
>what I've seen Kuttrimmers are out of my league financially)?  Are the
>"economy" models not worth it in the long run?  What length cutter do
>you recommend for making books with maximum dimensions 16"x16"?  Also, I
>have significant wrist problems, so need to use whatever will be the
>easiest on them.  Used or new, either is fine.
>Also, same questions about presses.
>Suzanne Scoble
>Denver, CO

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