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Re: Printers, etc. (and a new book)

> Howecer Larry, the only way you get your own choice of paper
> at a copy center is to pay the extra for it over and above
> the copy centers price of paper and copying. I have inquired
> and that is what I was told. SO printing my own with my own
> equipment still seems attractive.
> Saves gas too.

true (but to get your own paper costs extra too and takes gas to get it  --
the point is that many copy centers do a better job than many home printers
can do and do it for less money and faster

You certainly should so your book the way that works best for you  --  it
was simply interesting that your costs are about the same has having it done
for you and saving your time and wear and tear on your printer



"A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on."
-Samual Goldwyn

Larry Nebel  --  larryHN@alco.com
United Electronic Printers Inc - AlcoPrint  --  Fremont CA (USA)


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