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Re: Printers, etc. (and a new book)

>  So, even if a copy shop did great work, on
> high quality paper (which they typically don't), at the best price around,
> lets say 5 cents per page (most are more) then a double sided page,
> uncollated, costs at least 10 cents each.   4 cents vs. 10 cents, 100 copies,
> 152 sheets per book, .06 x 100 x152 = $912   extra.   Makes back the cost of
> the printer in only about 130 books.

FYI our published price for that quality of double sided pages on Hammermill
fore DP 20# bond (an excellent 84 brightness paper with good opacity) is 9
cents per page


To people concerned about the world ending on the Millennium.
The Jewish calendar is in the year 5759 and the Chinese calendar is in the
year 4696.  The Christianity Calendar is in the year of 1999.  If the Jews
and Chinese made it through their calendar year 2000, I am sure the
Christens will too.


Larry Nebel
AlcoPrint  --  Fremont, CA  --  http://www.alco.com

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