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Re: Printers, etc.

My experience yesterday puts some of this into context (for me.)  I have
a Mac PowerPC, scanner, HP 5MP 600 dpi b/w laser printer, an Alps
color printer, and an Epson color stylus 800 (for color proofs.)

I purchased the Alps printer just to print the covers to the leather
manufacture book I've published.  It does a good job, and the cost
of having a color cover printed would have been far more than what
the Alps cost me (including all the ribbons.)

I print the short pamphlets on my list on demand.  The longer items (50 +
pages) are given to a local printer who runs the disk file through a Docutek
(Xerox 600 dpi printer) which prints the pages 2-up - 4-up, duplexes and
collates them.  For no additional charge (I amuse them) they also run them
through their guillotine so I can perfect bind them back at the lab with
less fuss.

Over the past year their prices have increased approx. 60% (from 4 cents/page
to 7 cents/page) and normally this would trouble me.  However, it sometimes
happens that the night shift does the printing, and they do not always use
the 60 lb. paper which I specify.

This means that they have to run the job over.  As one who hates waste, I
do not encourage the printer to toss the 'bad' job into the dumpster.  Instead,
they give it to me (with apologies) and re-run the job.

This keeps my cost down.

And they did it again yesterday.

Life is good!


Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Laboratory

503/735-3942  (voice/fax)


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