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Re: Printers, etc. (and a new book)

In a message dated 6/25/99 9:50:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time, larryhn@ALCO.COM

<< > Okay, .05 x 100 x 152 =  $760 extra
 > dtf

 and 30 x 152  ==  4560 minutes saved  or 76 hours  --  about $10.00 hour >>

You used the wrong number, it would be .5 hours x 100 copies (not 152) for 50
hours. However, as I stated before, the actual time spent is about 1 minute
per copy, so the real number is 1/60 x 100 = 1.6 hours  which works out to be
about $475 saved per hour of acutal labor. Pretty good work if you can get it

The other element of this equation, something that a print shop owner would
rarely understand, is the time, labor, energy put into writing the book. I
spent over 6 months doing nothing but work on this book. Literally 12 hour
days, every day of the week, and I never take time off for silly things like
weekends, holidays, etc.  The actual time spent working on creating the
physical book is nothing in comparsion. In fact, printing the book is like a
vacation. All the really hard work has already been done and now it is time
to enjoy the fruits of that labor.

When calculating the cost of my books, I never include the time I spend hot
foil stamping the spines and covers, or binding, or the time spent on any of
the mundane little things that all have to be perfect to make each book look
really good. The payoff?  Occasionally I receive feedback from my readers
that they consider my books, about stupid airguns of all things, to be works
of art.
dt fletcher

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