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Re: Where are we?

At 09:21 AM 6/26/99 -0400, thegentry.com + james linza, antiquarian wrote:
>Please don't waste the bandwidth of this fine list with such meaningless =
>James Linza
>james linza, antiquarian=20

Thank you, James, for filling the bandwidth of this list with such an
incredibly informative, useful, constructive response. One thing you forgot
to mention, of course, is that it would also be nice if people could take a
few moments out and learn how to use their e-mail programs in a way that's
conducive for discussion lists, which includes, of course, not sending
"winmail.dat" and "vcard.vcf" files, or duplicate ".html" files of each
message, along with each message, or *any* attachments of any kind, not to

...just learning how to use one's e-mail program so that people at the
other end don't have to read "=20" and/or whatever else all over the place.

No s**t. All of the above is so offensive, that is, it's so totally
annoying for so many people, and so utterly easy to overcome, that on one
of the web design lists (the best one) that I'm on, if a person screws up
in *any* of the above ways even just once(!), they're removed from the list
*immediately*, without warning (other than the warning that they receive
upon subscribing to be smart enough to not do any of those things). It's so
simple, and so basic -- if you don't know how to use a damn e-mail program,
then get the hell off of the list until you've taken the thirty seconds it
takes to learn how.

Uh... uh... please pardon and forgive me for my rant here this morning,
folks. Guess I should go have another coffee and wake up... and lighten up
...a little.<g>

Ron ;)

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