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Re: Where are we?

Hey folks...

What ever happened to tolerence?  We are all beginners at some point in
time. ANd what about no question is a dumb question?  If you read
something you do not like find your delete key...


Too many causes...too few rebels...

Ron Koster wrote:

> At 09:21 AM 6/26/99 -0400, thegentry.com + james linza, antiquarian
> wrote:
> >Please don't waste the bandwidth of this fine list with such
> meaningless =
> >matter.
> >
> >James Linza
> >
> >thegentry.com
> >+=20
> >james linza, antiquarian=20
> Thank you, James, for filling the bandwidth of this list with such an
> incredibly informative, useful, constructive response. One thing you
> forgot
> to mention, of course, is that it would also be nice if people could
> take a
> few moments out and learn how to use their e-mail programs in a way
> that's
> conducive for discussion lists, which includes, of course, not sending
> "winmail.dat" and "vcard.vcf" files, or duplicate ".html" files of
> each
> message, along with each message, or *any* attachments of any kind,
> not to
> mention...
> ...just learning how to use one's e-mail program so that people at the
> other end don't have to read "=20" and/or whatever else all over the
> place.
> No s**t. All of the above is so offensive, that is, it's so totally
> annoying for so many people, and so utterly easy to overcome, that on
> one
> of the web design lists (the best one) that I'm on, if a person screws
> up
> in *any* of the above ways even just once(!), they're removed from the
> list
> *immediately*, without warning (other than the warning that they
> receive
> upon subscribing to be smart enough to not do any of those things).
> It's so
> simple, and so basic -- if you don't know how to use a damn e-mail
> program,
> then get the hell off of the list until you've taken the thirty
> seconds it
> takes to learn how.
> Uh... uh... please pardon and forgive me for my rant here this
> morning,
> folks. Guess I should go have another coffee and wake up... and
> lighten up
> ...a little.<g>
> Ron ;)
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