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Re: Where are we?

At 11:36 AM 6/26/99 -0400, "thegentry.com = + = james = linza, =
antiquarian" wrote:
>The trouble is Kathy that some will tolerate idiotic questions such as =
>"where are we from?" yet making a statement about wasting BOOK ARTS time =
>on such matters is a problem.
>james linza, antiquarian=20

I'm = not = peed, = now = I'm = just = amused.<g>=20
Happy = day, = everyone!=20
Ron ;=)=20

PS. I agree with you, Kathy, that we're all beginners at some point, and
should all practice tolerance, but unfortunately some of us insist on
remaining beginners, even when our folly is pointed out to us, we just keep
on doing the same ol' thing. I kinda like that rule on that web design list
I mentioned, though, because it's totally simple: plain text, folks, and
that's all, no fancy stuff in *any* way, because it's simply just not
necessary and just makes everything more difficult for those people who
don't have the capability (let alone the desire) to read all that stuff.

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