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Seeking Advice re Bookarts in Spain

Hola!  It seems I may be moving to Madrid, Spain within a couple of months
and would like to ask the list for any suggestions as far as contacts, study
opportunities, bookarts collections/exhibits,supply sources, etc. (I don't
speak Spanish YET). Here in the States I have been primarily a calligrapher
who does a fair amount of bookbinding and has a Vandercook letterpress.  The
press will stay here in storage, but I would love to persue the other
interests while abroad.  I've been told there is an American bookbinder
named'Pamela Moore' in Spain.  Anyone else come to mind?   Also, re the
press---any recommendations on how to best store it for 3 years, especially
the rollers?  Is type height  the same in Europe as it is in the US, would
presses and type be compatible?  Thanks in advance for your help.  Patty

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