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Re: travel to scotland

Bertha (and others visiting Scotland) will be interested in see "Changing
Pages," an exhibition of movable and pop-up books.  Everyone I know who has
seen the show has raved about it.  The exhibition opened in Glasgow last
October and as already been show in five other cities.  Here's the schedule
for the rest of the tour:

5 June - 24 July 1999   Bolton Museum and Art Gallery
7 August - 18 September 1999   Durham Museum and Art Gallery
25 September - 30 October 1999   Medway Galleries, Rochester
11 December - 22 January 2000   Callendar House, Falkirk
29 July - 17 September 2000   Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham
30 September - 11 November 2000  Cheltenham City Art Gallery

I might add that there is a colorful, hardcover, dos-a-dos catalog that was
produced for the show.  Probably the best person to contact for additional
information about this important show would be Morag Davidson at:


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