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Re: travel to scotland

Dear Ed,

Thank you!  I'll contact the M. Davidson.  I won't have a great deal
of time because I have a residency fellowship but I'll find a way to
see the show.



> Bertha (and others visiting Scotland) will be interested in see "Changing
> Pages," an exhibition of movable and pop-up books.  Everyone I know who
> has seen the show has raved about it.  The exhibition opened in Glasgow
> last October and as already been show in five other cities.  Here's the
> schedule for the rest of the tour:
> 5 June - 24 July 1999   Bolton Museum and Art Gallery
> 7 August - 18 September 1999   Durham Museum and Art Gallery
> 25 September - 30 October 1999   Medway Galleries, Rochester
> 11 December - 22 January 2000   Callendar House, Falkirk
> 29 July - 17 September 2000   Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham
> 30 September - 11 November 2000  Cheltenham City Art Gallery
> I might add that there is a colorful, hardcover, dos-a-dos catalog that
> was produced for the show.  Probably the best person to contact for
> additional information about this important show would be Morag Davidson
> at: m.davidson@strath.ac.uk
> Ed

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