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C. Clarkson lecture in Boston

  The New England chapter of the Guild of Book Workers is very pleased
to announce that it will be hosting a lecture by Christopher Clarkson at
the Boston Public Library on July 31 at 11 a.m.  The topic is under
discussion, but it will be posted to the list as soon as it has been
confirmed with Mr. Clarkson.  Summer gets to be pretty busy, so we would
like to give interested persons as much advance notice as possible.
   The lecture will be in the new wing, but this is John Singer Sargent
summer in Boston, and art lovers may want to check out the Sargent
murals in the old building of the Boston Public Library and/or the
Sargent exhibit at the MFA while they are in town.
    For those not familiar with Boston, please don't try and drive into
downtown Boston if you can possibly avoid it.  The BPL is easily reached
by public transportation.

  Dorothy Africa
  Rebekah Lord Gardiner
 (for the N.E. chapter Executive Committee)

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