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Re: going to London

Don't miss Falkiner's: 76 Southampton Row, +44 (0)171 831 1151
Also Shepherd's Bookbinders, Ltd. 74 Rochester Row +44 (0)171 630 1184

Shepherd's is a really nice little shop, with nice people.

The bookbinding display (i.e. 'how it's done') at the British Library is
well worth seeing, as well, even if you know it all already. And the
library bookstore ain't half bad either (understatement of the
year--it's deadly to the credit card balance).


ANGEE wrote:
> I, too, loved going to Falkiner's -- it was like a kid going to a candy
> store.  Be aware, however, that their hours are erratic and not as
> advertised.  It took three trips before I found them open even though their
> sign said they were scheduled to be closed!!!
> Call first.  They are located a few blocks from the British Museum and well
> worth the visit.
> Angee
> Subject: Re: going to London
> >Me, I love Faulkiner's Fine Papers.
> >Joyce Jenkins
> >Petersburg, Alaska
> >

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