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(position open at MMA)


For application information, contact the MMA Employment Office
(212)570-3842, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, New
York, NY 10028.  The job should be posted next Tuesday. Please email if
you have any other question and I can get back to you after July 27.
Thank you, Mindell Dubansky =

Book Conservation, Thomas J. Watson Library

POSITION SUMMARY:  Under the supervision of the Preservation Librarian,
responsible for the physical processing, repair and conservation
treatment of the Watson Library collection. Must have knowledge of basic
book and paper conservation treatments--including rebinding, rebacking,
the cleaning and refurbishing of paper, cloth and leather bindings,
paper cleaning and repair, polyester encapsulation, preservation
photocopying, and other related skills.  In addition, the Book
Conservation Associate is responsible for the processing of commercial
library binding shipments of monographs and periodicals--proofreading
spines, correcting mistakes, bookplating, tipping in errata slips, etc. =

The Book Conservation Associate also provides "rush" bookbinding
services for Museum exhibition catalogs, makes dust jacket covers for
selected books, and repairs old or damaged newly acquisition materials.
The Book Conservation Associate has administrative responsibilities
which involve basic word processing and database management skills, the
supervision of volunteers and interns, the maintenance of the book
conservation facility, and assistance with special preservation
projects, including condition surveys, emergency planning and response,
and staff education. =


1. Conservation Treatment of the Watson collection:  Conservation
treatments include  rebinding, rebacking, cleaning and refurbishing of
paper, cloth and leather bindings; cleaning and repair of paper;
fabrication of custom boxes and enclosures; measure fragile books for
boxes to be made by outside vendors.

2. Treatment and Reformatting of Brittle Books:  Treatment and
reformatting of brittle books include the disbinding, repair and
polyester encapsulation of brittle leaves and books; photocopying and
binding  of small brittle books; selecting and fitting custom and
commercial enclosures to brittle books.

3. Administrative and Other Responsibilities:  Coordinate work flow with
Preservation Librarian; train and supervise volunteers; maintain the
book conservation facility--including organizing tools and materials,
cleaning and maintaining; equipment and work areas.  Assist Preservation
Librarian with large preservation projects, including condition surveys,
emergency planning, staff education, etc.  Keep statistics of the work
accomplished on a monthly basis and treatment reports for selected

4. Processing new acquisitions:  Reviews commercial library shipments of
monographs and periodicals, includes advising on appropriate binding
treatment, proofreading spines, correcting mistakes, bookplating,
tipping in errata slips, covers, etc. Performs =93rush=94 bookbinding or
other treatments in a timely manner. Makes boxes and protective
enclosures for fragile books; fits dust jacket covers to books.


The Book Conservation Associate should have approximately 2 years of
bookbinding or library conservation experience and be skilled in basic
bookbinding and conservation procedures, including rebacking, cleaning
and refurbishing of paper, cloth and leather bindings, basic paper
repair, and boxmaking. Other requirements include strong pc skills, the
ability to communicate efficiently both orally and in writing; basic
office management; the willingness to work in a team setting; the
maintenance of the book conservation facility and equipment (cleaning
and basic repair and maintenance of equipment and facility); and the
ability to share information and to participate in continuing education
in conservation and the book arts, for the benefit of the book
conservation department.  A portfolio will be requested.  =

-- =

Book Conservation Dept.                 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Phone:  (212) 650-2891                  Thomas J. Watson Library
Fax:    (212) 570-3847                  1000 Fifth Ave.         =

E-Mail: metart2@metgate.metro.org       New York, NY 10028

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