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what to teach to calligraphers?

this question is directed to the binder/calligraphers out there.

i own an art supply store in little rock, arkansas.  i am a calligrapher and
binder (of mostly soft covered journals,) therefore, we sell lots of papers.
a friend in memphis is interested in introducing her calligraphy group to my
store.  we have cooked up a plan to bringing them all here for a
group-discount bookmaking workshop.  enough background.

my question is directed mainly to those on this list who are familiar with
calligraphic books:  what styles of books are most valuable to calligraphers?

i plan to teach a multi-signature book, probably longstitch.  they have more
than likely experimented with stab and accordian books.  i want to do two
different bindings, but the choice of second binding has me stumped.  any

little rock, arkansas

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