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Re: Bibliotravel

Actually, Catharine, there is a fair amount of stuff going on in and around
Vancouver and the lower mainland.

I am a member of the Alcuin Society, which is for "booklovers world-wide to
promote a wider appreciation of finely-wrought books." To further its aims,
the Society engages in a wide range of educational activities,  many in
collaboration with educational institutions: lectures, workshops,
exhibitions, and competitions. Annual design awards are made by a panel of
judges for the best in Canadian book design.  You'll find their website
interesting...   www.slais.ubc.ca/users/Alcuin.

There are also lots of events related to books through  Simon Fraser
University Harbourfront Centre for Publishing - Courses, lectures, events
and certificate programs.

ELST Studios have a full line up of very interesting courses on everything
from coptic book binding to decorative papers to artist's books.

UBC has a wonderful collection of old books - especially children's.

There is a "Word on the Street" festival every year at the Vancouver Public
Library and surrounding outdoor venues...at the past few I have met
authors, illustrators, publishers, and may others related to the art of the

There are so many sources of information about books in BC and BC
books...local publications, readings, Children's Literature Roundtable
which brings in authors and/or illustrators.

My goodness, there is so much going on, I could go on forever.

Want someone to go with? Let me know...

Linda Mullin
Mullin Art Publishing

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