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Vivan Re: Two products

In a message dated 7/1/99 4:45:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
vmontre@NETSHEL.NET writes:

<< I ordered a sample portfolio of Canson Satin and fell in love with the =
 incredible colors.  Does anyone know where this vellum can be purchased =
 - it comes in a thick version that is perfect for post bound books =

 One other:  Does anyone know where to purchase plastic (various colors) =
 binding screws. =20 >>

Hey Vivian!
Long time no chat! ;-)

Where did you get the sample of that paper?  Sounds wonderful...I'd like to
check it out!

You can get the plastic binding screws from Stamp Camp :-)  I don't know if
they come in different sizes...so I don't know if she has the size you
need...but she has them in black and white.

Jamie :-)

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