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Re: what to teach to calligraphers?

I don't remember who posted the following link:
for the International Dunhuang Project, but I spent a
lot of time on that site and found it more than a little
inspiring. You may find a project for your students on
that site.

Courtney Graham

Calvert Guthrie wrote:
> In a message dated 7/1/99 11:55:16 AM Central Daylight Time, PenCraft@AOL.COM
> writes:
> << my question is directed mainly to those on this list who are familiar with
>  calligraphic books:  what styles of books are most valuable to
> calligraphers? >>
> Kerry.....generally i like best those books
> that lie the flatest (so, do you teach spiral
> binding or glueback?)....i love that coptic #
> you did for me; it lies flat but its much too
> fine a book to write in(i don't like to doddle
> on jewelry).......also to be considered: long
> horizontal formats help to give you more
> usable surface and less gutter......that's
> all i can add....best regards, calvert

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