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Re: Dunhuang Project

I'd love to take credit, but I can't; I believe I got
that link (now bookmarked) from someone's else's post
to this list. It's rare that a website is so very
informative, beautifully illustrated AND well-designed.


bertha kay rogers wrote:
> Thank you, Courtney Graham, for telling us about that beautiful site!
> It's thrilling.
> Bertha Rogers
> Delhi, NY
> bkrogers@catskill.net
> > http://idp.bl.uk/IDP/bookbinding/chooser-frameset.html
> > for the International Dunhuang Project, but I spent a
> > lot of time on that site and found it more than a little
> > inspiring. You may find a project for your students on
> > that site.
> >
> > Courtney Graham

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