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Re: Free Faulted Runs

>From:    Lilias Ford <dherlihy@TIAC.NET>
>Subject: Re: Free  Faulted Runs
>Dear Jack:  I think you amuse them too much ....but, ...  How doth I get to
>amuse my Printer to such advantage??

These folk spend most of their time printing company reports n'such, so when
I come along with a text about manuscript inks, leather, Japanese lacquer,
etc. (and give them bound copies) it brightens their day; when it goes
'bad' it brightens my day.

It's a life....

Speaking of printing, today's mail brought a letter from Dr. Wolfgang W=E4ch=
from Leipzig, giving me permission to print a translation of his excellent
book about book restoration.  Gudrun Aurand will be translating the text
which I will edit and publish.  This particular trail began 13 years ago,
and will likely run another couple of years.


Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Laboratory

503/735-3942  (voice/fax)


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