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Re: Wolfgang W„chter

It's   Wolfgang W„chter, the Title of the Book - actually two:


Handbuch der Buchrestaurierung,
I will have ISBN numbers later, as I'm not close to my Reference Library
I had taken classes with him in Bookrestoration.

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From: Reed C Bowman <rcb106@YORK.AC.UK>
Date: Saturday, July 03, 1999 5:08 PM
Subject: Re: Free Faulted Runs

>Great news! But for those of us who can't wait, but can read German,
>what's the title of the book? Also, what's the special character in the
>author's last name?
>"Jack C. Thompson" wrote:
>> Speaking of printing, today's mail brought a letter from Dr. Wolfgang
>> ter,
>> from Leipzig, giving me permission to print a translation of his
>> book about book restoration.  Gudrun Aurand will be translating the text
>> which I will edit and publish.  This particular trail began 13 years ago,
>> and will likely run another couple of years.
>> Jack

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