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Re: Wolfgang_W=E3chter?

Sorry for the confusion, folks.  "=3DE3..." seems to be how an umlaut
(the two dots over the 'a' in Wachter) is translated through the ether.

On my screen, it's an umlaut....  For others, the umlaut translates as
a 'box' as in the note by Charles, below.

The book which I am dealing with is _Buchrestaurierung_, the original 1983
version.  It was later reprinted with a different title.  Part of the proble=
was that nobody seemed to know who owned the copyright after East & West
were reunited.  Ultimately, Dr. Wachter was able to learn that *HE* owned th=
copyright, but nobody thought to tell him that.

And the publisher of his newest book, _Bucher Erhalten Pflegen und
(Hauswedell, Stuttgart, 1997 ISBN 3-7762-0402-8) is agreeable to allowing me
to include certain portions of the new text which update sections of the
older text.

Happy 4th!


>It's   Wolfgang W=93chter, the Title of the Book - actually two:
>Handbuch der Buchrestaurierung,
>I will have ISBN numbers later, as I'm not close to my Reference Library
>I had taken classes with him in Bookrestoration.

Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Laboratory

503/735-3942  (voice/fax)


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