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Re: sculptured book

Dear Kathy,
        Check out fabric stiffening products at a fabric store (JoAnn
Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics) or a large craft store (Michael's).  There are
several brands which are not as moisture sensitive as starch.  Starch is also
an open invitation to bugs!.  The stuff I am talking about is used to stiffen
the garments of the tree top angels and large father Christmas/Santa figures
seen at Christmas.  It is also used to mold ribbon into stiff bows on
baskets.  It is probably not archival, however.  If that is a concern, you
could probably use paste or PVA as a wash, but you would have to play with
the concentration to get stiffening without a coated look.
        Cecile in Chicago

 One of my projects is a sculptured book of clothing pieces.  My
 struggle is what solution to use to mold the clothing pieces.  I need
 some flexibility to insert the text pages etc. at the same time have the
 dress, suit  be free standing.

 Help...would starch work?  Would a form be appropriate under the
 outfit?  Do I need to be sensitive to archival properties? >>

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