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Re: sculptured book

Hi Kathy,

You wrote:
>One of my projects is a sculptured book of  clothing pieces.  My
>struggle is what solution to use to mold the clothing pieces.  I need
>some flexibility to insert the text pages etc. at the same time have the
>dress, suit  be free standing.

One solution, which I have used, is to iron "Heat'n Bond" to one side of the
fabric (clothing) and then iron the unit to your board (either Davy Board,
Bristol Board, Mat Board depending on how rigid you want your covers to be).
"Heat 'n Bond" can be found at any fabric store and it comes in 3 different
strengths (from light to heavy).  Be sure and follow the ironing guide as I
learned the hard way and left the iron on too long only to have the
adheseive come through the fabric.

For an experiment I totally ironed the covers (both inside & out) and spine
of a book using my handmarbled silk crepe.  The text block was sewn on
decorative tapes and then the tapes taken through to the outside of the book
between the covers and spine.  The individual tapes can be braided or knoted
in a fancy pattern.  I cannot attest to the archival properties of the "Heat
'n Bond" but if this isn't an issue, then it is certainly one solution.

Good Luck,

D. Guffey
Eureka, CA.

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