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Re: clothing books

Dear Miriam.

Thank you for the details of your draping process.  Thank you to Lilias
for requesting your input.  Miriam, your sculptures are wonderful
works!  My idea for one or two are somewhat different but, I know your
process will help me in mine.

Thank you again,  Thank you list members too!!! a great list.


Miriam Schaer wrote:

> Dear Book Friends,
> I have been away, and sign on and off the list-coming home I saw Lilla
> from Saltwinds
> speak about my clothing books and process.
> I have been making books from clothing since about 1992. To stiffen
> the
> garment, I use very thin acrylic medium solution, (like 12 parts water
> to
> 1 part medium)
> and put that solution into a plant sprayer and build up many layers. I
> use acrylic paint on top of that and frequently use many thin layers
> of
> paint to get the surfaces I am  trying to get. This gives me the
> option
> of making the clothing more
> pliable, (or if I want more rigid) and in the case of texture, such as
> lace, I can retain that quality.
> I make patterns of the shapes of the pieces of the frozen clothing.
> Then
> I cut the boards to find the piece (yes, by hand, and it's not a fun
> time)
> and attach the clothing to make the cover.
> I have never used the fabric hardening media that others mentioned,
> but I
> am sure it is worth exploring. Be aware that many craft stores sell
> "special" media that are more cheaply gotten at art supply stores
> although I have no idea if those stiffening agents fall into that
> category. There is a product I got at a craft store called "picture
> this"
> for transfering photos on to fabric. It was a very small bottle for 3
> plus
> dollars or so. When I got it home and opened it I thought "Gee, this
> smells like acrylic paint" Well sure enuf, it was just white acrylic
> paint, for which I extremely overpaid.
> For those not familiar with my work, I have a site on colophon page
> with
> examples.
> the address is
> www.colophon.com/gallery/mschaer
> I hope this is helpful-if there are any other questions-dont hesitate
> to
> ask...
> Regards,
> Miriam Schaer

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