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Museum Security Mailinglist

For those of you who are not aware of the existence of the Museum
Security Mailinglist: our latest messages:

July 6, 1999
- Re: search for eight missing Faberge eggs (Steve Keller)
- Tax rule forces owners to put art on display
- Arson damage to art, gallery totals $200,000 (Automatic sprinklers
put out the flames but not before they ruin all but the most costly
porcelains) - Treasures take a beating in Parliament - New
Whodunit-Style Cairo Exhibit to Trace Stolen, Recovered Treasure
Heritage - Stolen Sculptures Found Buried In Santa Fe Yard - Kosovo
Library Ban Lifted - 10,000 Mexican Artifacts Recovered - Return all
our stolen works of art first, Russia tells Germany

July 3, 1999
- After Global Search, FBI Finds Stolen T.Rex Jawbone
- Official in Ruby Ridge siege to track stolen artwork
- Original key to the Bastille stolen from Sydney wax museum
- Rothschilds to sell art Nazis looted

July 2, 1999
- re: Library fire in France ( Fotinie Efstratiadou-Wisner)
- Austrian Decision Ends Hopes for Restitution on Klimt Works
- http://www.jouve-diffusion.com/ (Interpol CD-Rom Stolen Art Works) -
No Yolk ... the Hunt is On for Missing Faberge Eggs - Ancient Greek
Wreath Disappears - Arrests made in Calgary theft-to-order scheme -
Ex-FBI agent asks inmate for help on Gardner artwork

June 29, 1999
- Library fire in France
- More on police auction blunder (Jason Kaufman)
- Britain helps kill EU proposal for levy on art sales
- FBI's National Stolen Art File - New URL (Jonathan Sazonoff)
- Another Julian Alden Weir Theft (More paintings pilfered from Cooper

June 25, 1999
- RE: query about ownership after art theft (David Shillingford)
- Switzerland - Z=FCrich Police Stolen Art Web Site (Jonathan Sazonoff)
- Protecfire & Securitec Lebanon 99 - Artist loses life's work in
blaze at studio 'shrine' - Vietnamese Military Artwork Pulled From
Exhibit - Spaniards looted British art hoard (1778)

June 24, 1999
- Re: Sotheby's - Amazon and online database of stolen art
- Holocaust Art Restitution Project Announces Its Involvement in the
Restitution of Four Works Plundered by Nazis - Woman Pleads Not Guilty
in UCLA Art Theft - query about ownership after art theft - Re: query
about Legal sale of stolen art works (Jason Kaufman) - Re: query about
Legal sale of stolen art works (Patrick Vyvyan) - How Mussolini park
ruined frescoes of Nero's palace - Thailand ready to return looted
Cambodia carvings - U.S. Writer (Hector Feliciano) Wins WWII Art Suit

June 22, 1999
- Tools for researching major art works (Jonathan Sazonoff)
- RE: FM200 Fire Suppressant (David Wexler)
- RE: FM200 Fire Suppressant (Jack Watts)
- Britain ready to thwart EU plans for art sales levy
- Ancient Kosovo bazaar reduced to ashes
- product information: EIDETIC art identification system
- Vandals Target Olympic Museum After Sion Lose Bid
- (another motive to make haste with online presence of stolen art
database?? T.C.): Art dealers' new opportunity; Amazon-Sotheby's deal
will go beyond niche - Four ancient Cambodian temples pillaged

June 21, 1999
- SAM to Return Matisse Odalisque to Rosenbergs (official press
release by Seattle Art Museum) - Vandalism in Donaueschingen -
Holocaust Victims Can Recover Art - French Grotto Discoverer Loses
Lawsuit - British Collector Gives Away Art Worth $40 Million (because
he cannot afford to insure the works and is afraid they will be
stolen) - Czech Government to Restore to Jewish Museum 67 Paintings
Nationalised by Communists

June 20, 1999
- 350 000 ouvrages detruit a Lyon (in French)
- Two Munch paintings requested for exhibition in Chemnitz, Germany -
Theft of two J. Alden Weir paintings - IFCPP News - International
Seminar on Art and Antique Theft - query: Miro drawing - MOMA and
Kazimir Malevich heirs - New Fax Number David Shillingford - RE:
disturbed visitors - query: Art falsification - FM200 Fire suppressant
- Masked Gunmen Rob Babe Ruth Museum - The Louvre to return looted
Tiepolo painting - U.S. to Fight Smuggling of Nicaraguan Treasures -
Michelangelo Crucifix Return Home - Thieves Return Sacred Mohammed

June 19, 1999

June 5, 1999
- Prado Museum's Art Survives Fire
- Famous 19th Century Art Theft (Jonathan Sazonoff)
- Ex-Kenner museum chief charged in theft
- info needed (Association for Gravestone Studies)
- Old Master does not herald the high life
- Wealthy Austrian family claims Albright's father stole paintings -
Figure in art-theft case faces tax charge - ATB says Pocklington has
no claim on paintings - Museum loses claim for blanket (Court rules
Denver staff failed to prove it owned $430,000 Navajo art missing
since 1970) - German gallery hands over Van Gogh from Jewish sale

June 3, 1999
- Peer fights planners over art sale ban
- Aboriginal artist names origins of forgeries
(The scandal lies in our double standards)
- Russian court starts hearings on stolen art law
- It's curtains for estate vandals
- Holocaust widow set to win back UKP.3m painting; a breakthrough over
Nazi loot (Discovering truth about the auctions of despair) (An
everyday tale of theft and murder) (Claim sets a precedent) June 2,
1999 THE PRICE OF AGE Dissertation about the trade in stolen
antiquities by Andrew Cranwell

May 30, 1999
- Apologies to all North Carolinians (Steve Keller)
- `Red-hot' fire devours century-old building
- Art fraudster accused of French fakes
- Italy's Uffizi closed briefly in hoax bomb scare

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