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book arts research

I have been on this list for some time and am overwhelmed by how helpful
people are.  So now I am wondering if you can help me out?

I am a grad student in design at Syracuse University, NY, doing research
for my thesis on book arts. A thesis requirement is that some of our
research be from current professionals in our area of study and  I though
this list would be the perfect place to gather information from book

I would greatly appreciate any participation that you can offer in this
survey.  It is also my hope that in answering some of these questions it
will further your insights into your art.  If at any time a question
stimulates other thoughts you think I may be interested in please feel free
to include these.  I am very interested in anything you have to say!

Please respond to as many questions as you are interested or able.  If you
do not have answers for all questions, that is fine.  I appreciate any
feedback you are willing to provide and I will be happy to send compiled
survey results to anyone who wishes -- they will also be posted on the web.

Please remember to reply to


unless you want the whole list to read your responses.

The goals of this questionnaire are three fold:

1. To gain information on the current state of book arts and book arts trends

2.To examine the relationships between this very tactile/personal high
touch medium of book arts               and the remote/virtual medium of
the computer, and

3.To explore the differences and similarities between graphic design and
book arts and to find                           areas that the graphic
designer could learn from the book artist that would increase the
                                effectiveness of graphic design and also,
to find ways that graphic design could contribute to
        book arts.

Background about individual book artists

____Male   ____Female

1. How long have you been involved in book arts?

2. Book arts is a very broad medium, what in particular do you do? For
example do you work more        in the calligraphy area or the binding
area, fine printing, paper making?

3. What type of training do you have in art?  Please check all that apply.
                ___work shops in book arts, how many? _______
                ___self taught
                ___some college courses
                ___BA or BFA
                ___MA or MFA
                ___how many college/university courses in book arts related

4. If you have college education in art but not specifically in book arts,
in what medium are you trained and how does that effect your work in book

5. What are some of the unique features of your work?

6. What prompted your interest in book arts?

7. Why have you chosen the medium of book arts?

8. What other art media do you work in?

9. What words do you use to describe your work?  i.e. book arts, artists
books, handmade books, etc?

10. Who are your mentors in book arts?

Book Arts

1. Do you think there has been a resurgence of interest in book arts?
    If yes, to what would you attribute this increased interest?

2.  Who are the most prominent figures in book arts?

3. Who are your mentors in book arts or who's work do you admire a great deal?

4. Are your books interactive beyond reading and page turning?
   If yes, could you briefly describe how?

5. What types of messages do you convey in your work?  Check all that apply.
        ____personal exploration
        other ______________________________________________

6. Do you find it difficult to get your work accepted as a legitimate art form?

Relationships between book arts, graphic design and the computer

1. What are some of the current trends in book arts?

2.  Do you use a computer at all in the creation of your books?
    If yes, how?

3. What effect has the computer had on YOUR creation of books and in book
arts in general?

4. What changes do you predict for the book arts in the next 5 years ?

5. How have book arts changed since the advent of computers and ink jet and
laser printers?

6.  What is your opinion about this change?

7. If your books include type is this hand rendered or set on the computer?

8.  How knowledgeable are you in the area of typography, i.e. awareness of
and choice of typefaces         that work together with the content and
style of your book and arrangement of that type for the
        greatest clarity and visual impact?

9.  How much is typography a part of your over all design?

10. A graphic designers role is to take the written word and to enhance its
clarity through visual                  elements, appropriate layout and
typography. As you look at the myriad of "designed" messages
        you read daily, from advertisements, magazines, promotional
materials, etc., what do you think                      graphic designers
can learn from book artists?

11. An the flip side of this, what can book artists learn from graphic

12. Are you aware of your audiences when you create books or are you
bringing out personal                   expression without concern of

Are you interested in receiving the results of the survey?

Would you be willing to be emailed directly if I have a question about your

Thanks very much!   gwen miller

Gwen Miller
1120 South 8th Street
Goshen, IN 46526
219-533-9976 home
219-535-7581 work

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