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Help needed: updated with new pictures

Hello all,

A few days ago I asked for your help indentifying a headband on a 16th c.
full-leather binding. Many of you have responded and their seems to be
some mutual agreement on the term "German braided headband" although
this term refers mostly to leather-braided headbands, whilst "mine" is mad=
of linen threads.

I have added two more pictures to the temporary web-page to help examine
the headband a little closer. Thanks to Deana Fowler there is now a pictur=
of better quality available. Not from the same binding but exactly similar=
the one which I'm investigating.

If anyone is still interested please have a look at the URL provided earli=


I had several hints from you for where to look in the literature. Some of
these I had already checked in my own "library". Here's a short list of
sources that do not explicitly mention the type of headband or the way it =

-Greenfield/Hille                       Headbands - How to work them 1986
-Peterson                               Bucheinb=E4nde - Kapitalformen
-Otto W=E4chter                 Restaurierung und Erhaltung von B=FCchern,
                                                Archivalien und Graphiken  3rd ed 1982
-Wolfgang W=E4chter             Buchrestaurierung 3rd ed. 1987
-Gnirrep et al.                 Kneep en binding 1992

None of the more general books on handbookbinding in my library mention
this form either.

I received an interesting article from Charles picked from "Mitteilungsbla=
des Bundes Meister der Einbandkunst im BdBI 1962" called
Einbandgestaltung und Einbandgeschichte - Lederflechtarbeiten (Franz
Balcarek) which has some drawings of how the threads are braided round a
base-rope. Thank you Charles !

Also I was pointed to Monika Gast "A History of Endbands" THE NEW
BOOKBINDER, III (1983), pp. 42-58 but I have not found it yet. John Sharp:=

thank you to !

The same goes for Bibliotheksforum Bayern 3 [1975] in which: Karl
J=E4ckel: Alte Techniken des Buchbindrerhandwerks in der modernen
Schriftgutrestaurierung, 2 Das Kapital. Thanks Kurt Klappenbach.

To all other people who have responded so far thank you to. It looks as if=

this inquiry will end up in a thoroughly documented survey on this type of=

headband. I'm thinking of compiling all the material we have gathered and
put it on a permanent page on my website for future reference.


Cor Knops.

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