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Re: Web Design programs?

I really like FrontPage 2000. It has a lot of power and flexibility. If
your ISP offers the FrontPage extensions it will also make management of
your site easy. Move a file to a different directory and all links to that
file are automatically updated to reflect that change. My ISP doesn't
support FrontPage extensions, but I have my site set up as a FrontPage web
anyway and then just FTP the files over.

Other good programs are HotMetalPro and PageMill.

I use Win98 and all of these are available for Windows, I'm not sure about
Macs though. PageMill I know is available for Macs.

While there are numerous inexpensive, free, options out there, I find that
they're ok for the basics, but that's about it. You also want one which
will enforce strict HTML coding...



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord wrote:

> Dear Friends
>     One of my projects for the summer is to put together a website
> promoting my teaching and publishing efforts in making books in with
> children. I know a lot of list members have sites and would appreciate
> some advice. I am in the midst of an online course through a local
> community college on html but will be using a design program to create
> the site. I'd appreciate your recommendations.  I'm looking for a
> program that is easy to use and not too expensive. Quark XPress is the
> design program I'm familiar with. Thanks in advance.

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