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Re: Web Design programs?

Used as a WYSIWYG tool Netscape composer can be very frustrating
for the novice.  Using it with a simple editor like notepad  to learn
is a better approach, IMHO.  When you get the hang of it and are ready
to move on Dreamweaver is wonderful! (But kind of expensive if you
are only doing a site or two)  It takes a lot of the drudgery out of
tables, fills in the height and width of images automatically etc,


Jules Siegel wrote:

> Try Netscape Composer. You can't beat the price. It comes
> free with Netscape. It doesn't do frames but it makes very
> nice tables. You have to know a bit about web page design to
> use it fully. There are many web-based tutorials on web page
> design. It's not very complex.
> >Dear Friends
> >    One of my projects for the summer is to put together a
> website promoting my teaching and publishing efforts in
> making books in with children. I know a lot of list members
> have sites and would appreciate some advice.

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