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Re: Web Design programs?

Claris Homepage (for both Mac and Wintel) is a nice program as well.  It
displays in WYSIWYG and HTML and has a simple site management tool included.  It
is the same price as Adobe PageMill but from people I have talked to, Homepage
is the better of the two.

It is true that these WYSIWYG programs don't make the best HTML code.  Since I
maintain a couple of websites on guest servers, I have to pay attention to this.
But using BBEdit (still the premier raw-HTML editor for the Mac) and a little
grep-searching, you can change all the bad code.  For my own site I don't worry
about a little extra code or not having a blank line between the <HEAD> and the
<BODY> tags.  Would you worry about this stuff as well?  What we want are sites
that look and act the way we want them to.  And WYSIWYG editors are the easiest
way to acheive this, I think.

Susan didn't say which platform she is on, but she did mention that she wanted
something that was similar in design to Quark.  I can't endorse this product,
but a recent review I read says that Freeway 2.02 is a nice WYSIWYG HTML editor
and has that Quark feel to it.  It is a bit pricey though. You can read the
review at:


Good luck and welcome to the wonder world of the web...


 Eric Alstrom
 Guild of Book Workers WebBinder
 Midwest Chapter Newsletter Editor

 Hanover, NH

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