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Re: Web Design programs?

Obviously everyone has their own favourites, usually based on whatever they
use, and the platform they're on. I think Susan has mentioned before that
she uses a Mac, as do I.

I have to admit that, though I have been tempted on many occasions, I've
never used a visual (or WYSIWYG) web builder. Like Ron, I think that the
best way to build a website is to get your hands dirty and understand the
code (to mix a metaphor). I use BBEdit for the three websites I maintain,
one of which some of you are familiar with. I started out using BBEdit Lite
(which I believe is still available free from Bare Bones Software
<barebones.com>) and now use the full version which is not very expensive
($100 or so). One of the advantages of BBEdit over SimpleText or a basic
wordprocessing program is that it has a built-in HTML checker (kind of like
spell-checking but it will catch all your coding errors which can prevent a
page from displaying properly -- or at all). Another advantage is that it
colours the HTML coding so that it is easy to distinguish from the text

While QuarkXPress has several Extensions available for exporting Quark
documents to HTML, I believe they are far from perfect, and sometimes
pricey. Terry Morse Software (www.terrymorse.com> has at least one piece of
software (Myrmidon?) and I think another newer one which supposedly turns
ANY document into a web page. Demo versions are available and, if I
remember correctly, are full-featured but expire after 30 days. (Actually,
most of the more popular programs offer demo versions, dowloadable from the

If I were going to try a visual web builder, I'd go for Adobe's GoLive:
from all I've heard it's the most powerful and writes the cleanest code,
but it requires MacOS 8 and lots of RAM.

And for all you Windows users, whatever you do, stay away from the HTML
generator built in to Microsoft Office (Word 9): you may remember an
unsubscribe message sent to the list about a month ago which was 11K in
size and contained all sorts of coding about fonts and colours, etc, but
never mentioned the word Unsubscribe, except in the subject line!

Good luck Susan,

Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:


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