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Re: Web Design programs?

Macromedia Dreamweaver is probably the top web design program out there. Of
course, it still doesn't match doing the old fashion way with html. And the
bonus is, html is free. You can do it in simple text if you have the
BBedit is a popular program at the design school I work at.
The problem with web design is, it's so new and no one seems to have a good
enough grasp of it, that most web sights just plain suck.
We're working on trying to figure out the best way to teach good design and
proper web architecture for web sights.
If you want to make a user friendly web page take a class in informational
archatecture first. It is very important. Not to mention and understanding of
designing for cross platform, the lowest common denominator, how long an
average person is willing to wait for a page to load, ave resolution on a
computer monitor, max size a web page should be in KB, web safe colors, etc,
etc, etc.
I find it very interesting that so many people rush to get on the web and
make their own .coms when very few really understand how to design a web
sight. Worse yet are all the programs out there that make people think design
is as simple as cut and paste and clip art.
O.K. I'm stopping before I go on a rant.

check your budget, check out the programs for your computer, and take some
information architecture classes then decide what you need to build a web
sight that works.

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