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Re: Web Design programs?

Hi Susan:

I think there are a pretty good range of programs out there, and each of
them do something better than one of the others, so it's hard to say which
is best. I have been designing and building sites, and teaching web design
and programming for about three and a half years and I have never used any
of them completely. I have tried a few, but always end up going back to
hard coding with BBEdit...the old fashioned way, perhaps, but it allows the
most control.

>From people I have trained and the programs I have used, I would say Adobe
GoLive CyberStudio is one of the most user-friendly. Dreamweaver is
excellent but I don't think the interface is as easy to grasp. I base that
on my review of the program, and the fact that anyone I have shown both to
who have tried them, have come back to me to state they preferred

Homesite is excellent but still not Mac-enabled to my knowledge. I use that
for debugging, but BBEdit , which is Mac-based, is so powerful in version
5.0 that it covers just about everything.

There are also freeware programs out there worth trying. If you go to
http://www.tucows.com and look under Mac and then HTML editors, you just
might find something to play around with before you invest any money.
BBEdit even has a BBEdit Lite version that is very good.

The main thing worth mentioning is don't get carried away with the disco
stuff...everything rolling over or things blinking just becasue it can be
done is not a good site plan. Information is key and ease of navigation
paramount. It is possible to do good web design and have a site that is
worth revisiting without beating people over the head with the bells and
whistles. And finally, design for the lowest common denominator. While
DHTML and heavy-duty javascript, java, Flash, etc. is possible, remember
that many people still can't make use of such options and if your site
relies heavily on such code, people will miss out on what you have to
offer. I am familiar with your work, and would venture to say you don't
even need it at this stage...elegance seems like it would be key to you.

Anyway, good luck and nejoy it.



>Dear Friends
>    One of my projects for the summer is to put together a website
>promoting my teaching and publishing efforts in making books in with
>children. I know a lot of list members have sites and would appreciate
>some advice. I am in the midst of an online course through a local
>community college on html but will be using a design program to create
>the site. I'd appreciate your recommendations.  I'm looking for a
>program that is easy to use and not too expensive. Quark XPress is the
>design program I'm familiar with. Thanks in advance.
>    Also, as I've mentioned before, I'll be teaching at Ed Hutchins'
>Book Arts Jamboree- July 18-23- in the session on Bookmaking Adventures
>in the Classroom. There are still openings- if you're interested contact
>Ed at jamboree@artistbooks.com
>in good spirit,
>Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
>Newburyport, MA

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